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The Project

ToonTown is a community focused NFT collectible ecosystem with unique and high-quality artwork randomly generated from 100s of hand drawn traits. ToonTown is the (meta)world which the collectible these creatures, the Loons, will inhabit and call home. Owning a Genesis Loon gives you an awesome one of a kind PFP but also access to Moon Map giveaways (ETH + NFTs), priority over future collections, Merch, $Town, Alpha and influence over the direction of the ToonTown Storyline.

The Team

The Team behind Toon Town was formed by a few NFT connoisseurs who came together in this wild space a few months ago. Together we experienced the different paths that these project go, Rockets and Rugs, projects that get abandoned or fall short of expectations, to projects that live up to the hype or completely surpass expectations. We believe in the future of NFTs as a community project, where friendships are built and networking are formed - on the foundations of unique and high-quality art.




Marketing / Partnerships




Technical Advisor



What is ToonTown?

ToonTown is a community orientated NFT collection. ToonTown is the (meta)world which the characters will inhabit and call home. The first inhabitants of ToonTown are the Loons, a diverse bunch of creatures who have escaped the loonie bin in search for freedom and a home. They are the first creatures to stumble into ToonTown.

Who is the Team behind Toon Town?

@Mediocre - Project Management and Artist
@Mellow - Project Management, Marketing and Community
@jens - Project Management, Developer
All Founders at The Union who have come together to create the ecosystem of ToonTown.

Where did the idea for Town Town come from?

Mediocre is a fantastic creative, who has created beautiful pieces of art by hand before moving into this space. We all fell into this NFT space together, experienced rugs, moons and becoming part of great communities. Via Medi`s creative outlet, taking inspiration from our childhoods and our favourite projects, the illustrations were created and the conception of Toon Town established. With the goal of bringing together a strong community, making meaningful donations and appreciating unique and high-quality art.

When are the Toon Town Loons launching?

March 5th 2022 - 5pm CET

What blockchain will Toon Town be on?


What is the minting price?

  • Total supply: 6969
  • Cost: 0.069Ξ
  • OG sale: Mint 2 NFTs for the price of one
  • WL sale: max 2 per wallet, 0.059Ξ
  • Public sale: max 8 per tx

What is the benefit of owning ToonTown Loons?

You will have full ownership over your Toon and access to all and any holder benefits. You will be in the running to receive any one of the multiple ETH and Toon airdrops that will be completed per the Roadmap during the minting phase. You will have priority WL access to future collections within the Toon Town ecosystem. Merch/Store and $TOWN Access to exclusive member and alpha channels.

Is there any utility for $TOWN?

$TOWN is the token of currency for ToonTown. $TOWN will be accumulated via staking your toons, more toons staked will equal more $TOWN accumulated. The token will have utility both in an IRL capacity and within the ToonTown ecosystem.

Which wallets are supported for minting?

  • Metamask


March 5th 2022

OG sale starts in:

OG Mint

Mint 2 NFTs for the price of one
Presale starts in:

Presale Mint

Amount to mint
Public sale starts in:

Public Mint

Amount to mint